Supplier Turned Client

Rearo is a brand of quality on laminated products. Laminated products as are found in kitchens, bathroom and furniture throughout our homes, offices, public buildings, leisure and recreational facilities. It is hard to think of building without them now. They offer durability and hygienic properties to surfaces that Rearo can manufacture to almost any specification. [...]

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Construction Accreditations

AGM offers its clients certain reassurances through Accreditations. Participation in these Accreditation schemes reassures the client that the contractor is not breaking the terms of contracts and that certain standards have been achieved by the contractor. They do not however excuse the client from reading the terms and conditions of any given contract. The Accreditation [...]

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Office Relocation

Relocating Reaching the end of your tenure can happen for many reasons; for one client it was the lack of bandwidth for another it could be geographical. Whatever the precursor the journey becomes all important. AGM will help in many ways providing advice and services as well as the physical strip-out and fit-out of you [...]

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